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Why all design teams need a UX Writer

In the past, most designers wrote copy for the apps, websites, and products they designed. In fact, writing was deemed a “designer’s unicorn skill” – something designers needed to know in order to succeed at their job. However, designers often lacked the necessary skills to write user-friendly content and their products, apps, and digital experiences suffered.

Nowadays, more and more companies look to UX writers to create the content for their designs. UX writers are important because not only do they possess the skills to write well, they also understand how to design content with the user in mind. Together, with designers, UX writers can make experiences more user-friendly for customers.


What does a UX writer do?

Trying to explain UX writing to someone who is not familiar with the term can be difficult. A UX writer is essentially responsible for all the text that a user may see in a digital experience. This content, often known as microcopy, plays a big role in helping a user navigate through an app, website or other product.

Besides churning out copy, a UX writer considers the content strategy behind the product they are writing for. This means that the writing must stay consistent with the brand’s voice, tone, and personality.

Because of this, it’s necessary for a UX writer to do their research before they write. More importantly, it’s crucial that a UX writer work with a product’s design team from the start. Often, content can change the way a design team creates an experience for a user.


Why UX writing is an important asset in any company

As mentioned above, UX writers bring great value to design teams. When UX writers and designers work together they can make better, more friendly experiences for users. While designers are experts at creating experiences that are visually appealing, writers use words to connect the design to the users.

Good microcopy helps design teams create products with superior user experience. This is because writers can invoke feelings and elicit the right emotional response from users. When done right, content makes the user journey more enjoyable and intuitive. It also helps the design stay true to the brand’s voice and tone.

Additionally, design flows look better with clean copy that is free from misspellings and grammatical errors. This makes the products feel and look more professional.


Examples of UX content or microcopy

Whether or not you know it, microcopy is everywhere. Some examples of UX content or microcopy are:


  • Error messages
  • Button copy
  • Help text/links
  • Form fields
  • Footers
  • On-boarding

Of course, there’s a right and wrong way to write copy, but the best microcopy is often short, to the point, and eye-catching.


Mailchimp is known for their unique microcopy and their content guide is considered one of the best for UX writers to learn from.




In addition to guiding users through a digital experience, Blue Apron uses microcopy to ease any concerns the user may have about their product.






How do I find good UX writers for my company?

UX writing has recently come in high demand. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are leading the way in hiring writers who create copy for their products and digital experiences.

If you’re looking for a good UX writer, consider looking at writers with extensive portfolios. Good writers usually have experience in creating content for different digital platforms including websites, social media, blogs, and even marketing materials.

Before you hire, you’ll want to make sure that the writer understands the users and can write from their perspective. Some UX writing skills that they will need to possess include:


  • Designing content with the user in mind.
  • Writing friendly copy not bogged down with a lot of technical jargon.
  • Experience working with product and design teams



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