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Why Choose Motiff Network

Our platform is a direct connection between high-quality talent and clients that need their expertise. Straightforward fees and no hidden charges. Simply post a free job listing and experience the easiest and most cost-effective hiring process.


We attract game changers – the ones who live design and always push the limits. Each talent is interviewed, reviewed and vetted by digital creative directors. 


Once you post a free job, you can invite talent to apply or let them respond to your job post. Unlike other platforms, you get to pick who you want to work with. You are in control of the process and we’re just here to help.


No other platform, not even recruiting agencies are as focused on UX and UI talent as we are. That means you have superior advantage when hiring talent through Motiff Network.


Project management and creative director roles are also available for those who are seeking guidance or a bit more control over their product development.


You can hire vetted talent in as little as a few minutes. Our platform is fully automated, yet you have complete support of our account managers.


We guarantee our talent will deliver outstanding results. If you are not satisfied, we will find a replacement or involve our sister agency to complete the work at the same rate.

Some of UX design work

Industries we excel in


The retail industry is changing fast and procedures such as inventory, supply chain, task management, customer service and purchasing are all being automated. We’ve contributed to the most innovative retail applications that help operate some of the largest companies globally.


The rise of startup banks has inspired innovation in the financial sector, but designing for a highly regulated industry requires knowledge and experience. We design for user engagement, making the complex look simple,  while complying with regulations and security requirements.

Food and Beverages

From ordering, delivery, reservations, capacity, inventory and food waste management, this industry is undergoing digital transformation and process automation. We’ve covered everything from branding and packaging design to developing custom catering applications.


Citizens have come to expect government interaction to resemble that of the private sector. Task automation can be easily implemented to reduce unnecessary admin costs. Our experience spans custom software design and development, online presentations and campaign design.

Property Management

In this very competitive industry, user experience counts. Automating tedious tasks tied to multiple sites saves time and money. Our talent has designed and developed tour management applications, automated scheduling tools and websites for real estate and property management companies.


People track and manage their health using smart applications. Remote monitoring through these applications naturally leads to new ideas about how to use the vast amounts of data being captured. Our experience ranges from custom medical illustrations to custom application design and development.

Importance of UX

UX translates to customer loyalty, conversions and ROI.

Spending tons of money bringing users to your product is just the first step. Once there, make the most of their time and create an experience that exceeds their expectations.


Some of our UX designers

I have had the privilege of working for a variety of clients, both in-house and remotely, big and small across the web for more than 15 years. In all that time what has really intrigued me and kept me driven for so long is my passion for a better experience not only for the users but the clients as well. Building lasting relationships and developing ways to understand how people will use the sites and products I make on a day to day basis is what keeps me coming back for more.

UX Designer

UX/UI Designer working from Munich who has gained extensive experience over the past nine years working for e-commerce companies Mytheresa and Amazon Fashion. During this time I have led an array of projects, from conception to art direction and design. This includes wireframes, user experience, user interface, creation of high-end visuals, still life, and writing design style guides. 

UX/UI Designer

Over the past few years, Jason’s helped to improve the experience design of notable companies such as Mitel, Boom Fantasy, Deloitte, and more. He’s a UI/UX designer freelancer who’s worked with clients on various projects for the web, iOS, and Android. Jason’s had the opportunity to design for many industries such as Voip, healthcare, sport, fintech, and entertainment.

UX Designer

Art Director & UX/UI Designer with over 10 years of experience in the digital sphere. Designing products for individual clients, big agencies and startups. Designed over 500 digital projects which include applications, dashboards, websites and custom software.

UX/UI Designer

Hello, I am an independent, multidisciplinary Digital Designer and Art Director with 10+ years of agency experience. My passion is creating highly conceptual and stunning brand experiences that users enjoy interacting with. Before delving into the digital world my background was in print, which makes me an extremely versatile problem solver and visual communicator.

UX/UI/Digital Designer

I pull stories out of people, and use them for good. As a human-centered designer, artist, and copy-writer, I first understand the goals, challenges, and motivations of my audience, and (with that data) create compelling content that solves their problems in an interactive, quirky, and intriguing way.

UX Designer

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