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Great talent can be found in the most unusual places.

Companies are opening doors to remote talent because they want to hire the best people they can find, regardless of where they are. Motiff Network designers are experienced, have demonstrated their high quality work and have worked for some of the most exciting brands and projects in the world – Nike, Red Bull, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Burberry, Magnum and many more.

Brands our talent helped grow.

Full control at your fingertips

Fully automated platform with full-on human support. While you can complete the entire process by yourself, from posting a job to hiring designers, an account manager is on hand to assist should you prefer hands-on support. 

Hands-on Support

In case you have more complex requirements, we have a dedicated team who can help you find talent at no additional charge.


We are team ready. For help with larger projects, talk to one of our specialists about hiring a fully functional team.

Why Choose Motiff Network

Our platform is a direct connection between high-quality talent and clients that need their expertise. Straightforward fees and no hidden charges. Simply post a free job listing and experience the easiest and most cost-effective hiring process.


We attract game changers – the ones who live design and always push the limits. Each talent is interviewed, reviewed and vetted by digital creative directors. 


Once you post a free job listing, you can invite talent to apply or let them respond to your job post. Unlike other platforms, you get to pick who you want to work with. You are in control of the process and we’re just here to help.


No other platform, not even recruiting agencies, are as focused on UX and UI talent as we are. That gives you a superior advantage when hiring talent through Motiff Network.


Project management and creative director roles are also available for those who are seeking guidance or a bit more control over their product development.


You can hire vetted talent in as little as a few minutes. Our platform is fully automated, yet you have complete support of our account managers.


We guarantee our talent will deliver outstanding results. If you are not satisfied, we will find a replacement or involve our sister agency to complete the work at the same rate.

Save time with Motiff Network

Reduce time spent on sourcing and hiring UX UI talent by up to 90%. Each member of our community has gone through a review and approval process. We eliminate shady, fake and low-mid quality talent so what’s left for you is only most reliable and high quality talent.

Hiring by the hour

Talent rates are transparent and there are no hidden charges. Our service fee is already included in the rate displayed on talents’ profile and equates to 14.5% of the overall rate.

Permanent Hiring

We offer full-time talent placement at a rate of one month’s salary.

Who is it for?

Software development companies rely on Motiff Network to fill in product design talent gaps or scale their team with on-demand UX UI talent. Many software development companies want to offer user experience and interface design services to their clients. Because they don’t have adequate in-house design capabilities, they use Motiff Network as their exclusive and reliable UX UI source.

Benefit from a flexible workforce to accommodate quiet periods and busy times. When you have to focus on getting the work done, the last thing you want to do is spend time finding, interviewing, hiring, on-boarding and then laying off designers when the project is done. Agencies use Motiff Network to fulfill their contingent UX UI talent staffing needs and deliver results on time.

We’re the starting point for startups. Motiff Network is where you connect with and employ role-specific talent who can give shape and form to your product idea. Our UX and UI talent will help translate your idea into a high-fidelity prototype which you can use to pre-sell your product or service or get investment to help with actual product development.

Product teams across various industries use Motiff Network to scale their team in line with their project requirements and for any duration. Opening your doors to the gig economy can bring great benefits to your business.

You are usually at the source of the problem and clients ask for your help and guidance. Use Motiff Network to supplement your skills and deliver end-to-end, fully-functional solutions to your clients.

Expand your digital team with experienced project managers, creative directors or dev team.

Employing the help of a project manager ensures your projects get completed on time. Our flexible project management service adapts to your needs. You can hire a project manager for as little as 4hrs/week or full time.

For help with product vision, creative staff supervision and production management, you may engage a senior creative director for as little as 4hrs/week or full time.

Whether you need help developing an MVP or a large scalable solution, an experienced development team can ensure product success and quick time to market. If you are in need of one, our sister company or one of our trusted partner companies can help.

Pursue and hire talent with the expertise you need.

UX Design

Hire experienced UX Designers who can act as business analysts on small to mid-scale projects, conduct user research, competitor analysis, usability testing and create fully working wireframes.

About UX Designers

UI Design

Good design is simple, engaging and focused on desired outcomes. Our UI Designers make complex products look simple, follow the latest trends and have the drive to push boundaries no matter the project size.

About UI Designers


Need help managing a project or product? Our project managers have experience across various industries and approaches. Hire an experienced Product or Project Manager for as little as 4 hrs or up to 40 hrs a week.

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Some of our designers

A Midwestern dude living in the desert. I’m a UI / UX / Visual Designer who loves to push the limits of design. Although I can follow the trends, I like to strive to be the one who creates them. Let’s do that together!

UX/UI/Visual Designer

For over 15 years I’ve been involved in creating products that provide meaningful, intuitive and relevant experiences to users, I Understand how intuitive UX strategy can be with experience of Agile environment, and know how to turn a handful of complex ideas into an easy UX & clean UI product.

Senior Product Designer - UI/UX

Over 15 years of experience, Javier helped many businesses to grow, from fledging startups such as Chewy to established large organizations that include Harley-Davidson, Toyota or Nike between others. Welcoming dynamic collaborations and worthwhile partnership. Worked on web and native app products.

UI/UX Designer

Art Director & UX/UI Designer with over 10 years of experience in the digital sphere. Designing products for individual clients, big agencies and startups. Designed over 500 digital projects which include applications, dashboards, websites and custom software.

UX/UI Designer

I’m an award-winning creative, with over 30 years experience. My primary strength lies in determining how to communicate information optimally across different media – from print to screen to installation. With a well-accomplished background in information graphic design – incl. identity/branding, brochures, report & accounts, coffee-table books, websites and interactive media.

Creative Director

UX/UI Designer working from Munich who has gained extensive experience over the past nine years working for e-commerce companies Mytheresa and Amazon Fashion. During this time I have led an array of projects, from conception to art direction and design. This includes wireframes, user experience, user interface, creation of high-end visuals, still life, and writing design style guides. 

UX/UI Designer

Frequently asked questions

Not at all. Motiff Network is a UX UI community where clients can directly connect with and hire high-quality UX UI talent. You can use our platform to post free job listings, hire single talent, product/project managers or a team, manage communication, files, payments, and much more.

While other platforms are great at what they do – our focus is more narrow and we don’t try to be everything for everybody. Product design (UX and UI) is our specialty and we definitely have the highest quality product designers in our network. By digitizing the hiring process, we are able to keep our margins low. We are a compact community and provide personalized service to both talent and clients. An account manager is assigned to every client no matter how large or small your project may be. When it comes to high-quality talent, we are your reliable UX UI source.

All fees are transparent to both client and talent. Registration, access to the network and job postings are free of charge. You only pay the hourly rate for actual hours worked and billed, in case you decide to hire someone from Motiff Network. Each talent rate is displayed on their profile page, where the platform fee is already included. The platform fee is a low 14,5% of the overall rate. There are no hidden fees or charges. We also offer full-time talent placement at a rate of one month’s salary. If paying by credit card, you are responsible for third-party payment processing fees.

There are two ways to post a job. Our quick job post option allows you to simply input a URL link of your existing job post (whether from your own website or a third party job posting site). This option takes seconds to complete. The second option is to create a job post directly on our platform. This option will take a few minutes of your time. Both options are available as part of the registration process or by clicking on the jobs tab once you log-in to the platform.

No, unless you would like to view talent work, explore the platform and stay up to date with the latest and greatest UX UI work.

No. We are a closed network of only highly skilled talent specializing in product design (both UX and UI).  Most of our talent is invited based on their experience and quality. Our community isn’t huge but our plans are.

All designers that apply to be part of our community go through a manual screening and approval process ensuring you get access to the best people in the industry.

Your first step is to let your account manager know so that we can find you a replacement. We stand behind our talent and guarantee your satisfaction.

Majority of our talent are US, Canada and Western Europe based. As most of our clients prefer or require local talent, we currently operate at these locations.

Yes. When posting a job or searching for designers, you can choose whether they will work on-site or off-site.

In case the designer you hire doesn’t deliver according to agreement, we provide two options: a replacement or a refund. Our end goal is your project or product success and we make sure it happens. Our talent community is valuable to us and we also make sure that clients provide all that is required in order for talent to deliver. Our core team is available in case clients need help getting started, setting expectations, project estimates and goals.

Extend your team with direct access to top UX UI talent.

Simple, Seamless, Risk Free.

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