Motiff Support Center

Frequently Asked Questions

New to Motiff?
What is Motiff? Motiff is a platform exclusively for high-quality creative talent and people who want to hire them.
How do I get started? Simply put some basic information about yourself or your company into the registration form and wait for further instructions via email. Someone will get in touch with you shortly to guide you through our platform.
I don’t see my activation email. Please check your promotions tab (if using Gmail) or look for it in your spam folder.
I confirmed my email, but I still can’t see much on the site. Our account manager assigned to you will reach out and activate your account. It usually happens within a few hours.
What is my "Account Manager"? Your account manager is the person who will guide you through the process. This person will be there for you to assist you whether you are looking for a job or a gig, or you have a job that needs to be done.
Who owns the intellectual property? The intellectual property always stays with you.
What is the acceptance process and do I have to go through it? The acceptance process is there to ensure that all the creative talent on Motiff are at the top of their game. And yes, everybody needs to go through it.
What does the acceptance process consist of? Our team of experts from different fields will review your portfolio and, if needed, help you improve it. After that, you are good to go!

Pricing & Payment
Are there any costs associated with registering on Motiff? No.
When do I pay and how are payments and invoices handled? For different jobs, your account can be billed on a monthly or semimonthly basis. If the billing day falls on a weekend or holiday, payment is due on the previous working day.
What payment methods do you accept? You can pay for the work completed using:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Wire Transfer
What fees does Motiff charge? We are very transparent when it comes to payments and service fee. A small fee is charged by Motiff from entities posting a job but it is charged only when the project is completed to their satisfaction. This fee helps us run out platform and offer services like assigning account manager, providing 24/7 support etc.

Hiring people
How can I be sure that creative talent on Motiff are good? They all go through an extensive screening process so that we can make sure that you get the best people from the industry.
What if I am not satisfied with the creative professional I hired? Your first step is to let your account manager know, and we will find a solution to the problem.
Can creative talent work on-site? When searching for people to get the job done, you can choose whether they will work on-site or off-site.
Can I choose a creative professional from a particular country? Yes, you can.

Applying for a project
Do I need to have fixed working hours? Most of the time, you don’t. However, it depends on a project and the agreement with your client.
Can I work from home? If working off-site, you can work from wherever you want. From home, from the beach etc.
I created an album, but it’s not visible for the public. Every album is reviewed by our team to make sure it represents your work the best way possible. Also, make sure there is no explicit content.
Do I have to use the Motiff messaging system when writing to the client? You don’t have to, but it makes life easier. And should you ever have any problems with the client, we can review the communication.
How certain can I be that I will get paid? 100%. We handle the business side and make sure that you always get paid for the work you complete.
I am having problems with the client. What should I do? Inform your account manager and explain exactly what the problem is. We’ll take it from there.
I am not seeing some albums on my feed that were there yesterday. As new projects from new users are uploaded, your feed shows different albums.

Why do I need Team Up option? This option gives you an opportunity to collaborate with other creative talent and apply for projects together. You can create the team, or be invited to join one, in order to work together on the existing project, work together on an upcoming project or to create a joint portfolio.
What is Pockets option? Pockets is a feature that lets you save all of the albums you like into pockets. You can have as many pockets as you want, and as many items in those pockets as you want. You can then review them whenever you want, and you can share them with your teammates or other people in your network.
Can I message multiple people? A messaging option is where all of your communication should take place. You can see that all of your conversations are saved and you can go back and review them anytime you want. You can have conversations with multiple people and you can attach images or albums to your conversation.