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& Stability

Spend time doing what you love. Make a conscious decision to be on pay-time.

You spend way too much time searching for work. It’s part of the package and has to be done, but it’s non-billable. What if you could spend that time actually working for clients?

Motiff Network is a platform dedicated to connecting high-quality UX UI designers with clients that need their expertise. Work from anywhere, no crazy uplifts on top of your rate, no bidding, no cheap labor and no free samples. You take your work seriously and so do we.

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Why use Motiff Network

Becoming part of our growing UX UI community, means you get to work with companies that value your talent and expertise. Grow your career remotely by working on some of the most interesting projects.


Motiff Network is for high-quality digital product professionals who meet our high-quality criteria. Work with industry experts instead of competing with cheap labor.


We focus on clients that recognize the value of exceptional digital product design. We strictly zoom in on this area of expertise, attracting both clients and talent that share our passion.


There are no intro fees and we don’t take any percentage from you. You set your own hourly rate. We’ve recognized your work and value your time.


Work as much as you want, when you want, from any corner of the globe. We encourage travel. It opens your mind to new ideas and awakens creativity.


Apply to jobs with just a single click. No need to go through daunting job applications every single time you apply.  Save your time for billable work. 


For work that is carried out as agreed, we make sure that you get paid on time, every time. Focus on doing great work for clients and we’ll take care of the rest.

quality talent

quality projects

Cool and interesting projects for hourly, part-time and full-time talent.

Our platform helps great talent find clients that recognize the significance of quality design. Stop searching, start working.

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Life is short

Work hard.
Live to the fullest.

If you love designing, are reliable and great at what you do, yet want the freedom to travel or simply don’t want to spend hours commuting, join us.

Be seen and hired by top clients.

Motiff Network is the go-to source for top UX UI talent. We target companies in need of design services and bring them to you.
Once you’re onboard – you can apply and get hired within minutes.

You are in control

Set your rate and your availability. Remote or on-site, part-time or full-time. Directly apply to jobs you like or get invited by companies. We get you in front of potential clients – so you can focus on doing the work you love and getting paid for it.

who can join?

User experience, user interface and product designers that have real client experience, a strong portfolio and great communication skills. If you love to create exceptional digital experiences, you might be a perfect fit.

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How it works


Simply submit your name and current portfolio link for review. We check if it’s really you and whether your work meets the level of quality our clients expect.

Interview (15 min)

Schedule a 15 min interview with one of our creative directors to better get to know each other.

Create your profile (~30 min)

To show up in talent search results, apply to multiple jobs with a single click and get invited to jobs by clients, your profile needs to be complete and work showcased on our platform.

Start earning

Focus on work, not on finding work. We do all the marketing and bring work your way at no cost to you. Payments are also done through Motiff Network and are guaranteed.

Always be Reliable.
Produce Quality Work.
Love what you do.

Join a growing digital product design community.

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Frequently asked questions

No. We are a closed network of only highly skilled talent specializing in product design (both UX and UI). Most talent are invited to join based on their experience and quality. Each profile is manually reviewed before being approved by creative directors. Our community isn’t huge but the quality is!

While other platforms do a great job at what they do – our focus is different: Focusing on product design (UX and UI) as our specialty we definately have the highest quality product designers.  By digitalizing hiring process we are able to bring talent to clients at the lowest cost possible.  When it comes to highest quality talent at the lowest price – we can proudly say “we are your best partner”.

We promise the highest quality talent to our clients. They want to be able to see samples of your work before deciding whether to hire you. We aim to make the hiring process as quick and painless as possible, which is why we have all the information relevant to clients in one place, including a portfolio of your work. It is a requirement to upload at least 4 albums in order for your profile to be considered complete and grant you full access to the platform. Only complete profiles show up in search results and can apply to jobs. Once you have a complete profile, applying to jobs literally takes a click saving you time and effort in the long run.

We work with companies that are in need of UX UI talent, ranging from startups, software development companies, design agencies and more.

Yes, you can complete your profile and simply change your availability status to “unavailable” if you are not currently looking for new opportunities.

You set your hourly rate.

Most of the time, you don’t. However, it depends on the project and agreement with your client.

If working off-site, you can work from wherever you want. From home, from the beach etc.

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Elevate your career with quality jobs and clients.